About Us

Alafia Architectural Salvage is a company dedicated to keeping portions of Florida’s history in good shape past their prime. We are people who have a taste for antique homes and the furniture inside of them. In addition to finding and saving the furniture, we can also make quick work of old buildings which need to be torn down while taking care of the objects within. In essence, we do just about anything that requires special care and attention to detail to antique objects and materials.

Some things we specialize in:
– Wood Reclamation
– Industrial Salvage
– Antique Restoration
– Working with pieces of Tampa’s cultural past

Own a piece of old Florida!

There is nothing more fulfilling than stumbling across a stained glass window from an old church or an antique set of marble doorknobs.

Salvaged items from across the Tampa area are personal and can add layers of depth to your home or yard.

Call us today to check up on our recent inventory.

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Alafia Architectural Salvage
8006 South County Road 39
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