Reclaimed Wood and Stone

Our reclaimed lumber services include taking wooden material off of old abandoned buildings and re-purposing it for different uses. Some of these would be:
– making new furniture using older pieces of wood
– applying the wood as siding on a building for a unique look
– giving your home a wood panel floor no one has ever seen
– building furniture with a rich history behind it

The process we use involves careful planning and disassembling of the area in order to keep the wood in the best condition for its new purpose. We make a huge effort to conserve the environment through our use of reclaimed wood. If we can help make some new furniture look really good with a minimal cost to mother nature, we know we have done our job well.

Own a piece of old Florida!

There is nothing more fulfilling than stumbling across a stained glass window from an old church or an antique set of marble doorknobs.

Salvaged items from across the Tampa area are personal and can add layers of depth to your home or yard.

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