Tampa History

This wonderful city of ours has quite the history behind it. The city began its life as a town built around Fort Brook, located where downtown is now. Its growth began with the construction of railroads through the area, allowing for trade to build a large amount of commercial activity around the fort. The increasing opportunities for a living to be made attracted many people to settle in Tampa, leading to its title as one of the largest cities in Florida. It has a rich background including dealings with a blockade and a large part of the Civil War.

From an economic side, Tampa has seen its fair share of industry with the discovery of phosphate in the region and surroundings and the development of the cigar industry in Ybor. Both of these have survived to this day. In fact, the cigar industry has shaped the culture so strongly, that the entire area of Ybor City is known for its cigar production and merchants.

As time goes on, as does the general style of Tampa. Around the area, luxury condos are rising above the skyline, leading Tampa into its new age of economic prosperity. We are here to make sure that as we move forward, we do not forget our past.

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There is nothing more fulfilling than stumbling across a stained glass window from an old church or an antique set of marble doorknobs.

Salvaged items from across the Tampa area are personal and can add layers of depth to your home or yard.

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